Technology and Marketing

We utilize some of the industry’s best technology and marketing stacks and customize them to fit our business needs. We partner with Yardi Systems and Go Canvas to create easy to use online systems for our tenants and employees to use.  We also have a contract with Costar in order to receive some of the industry’s best market survey data. We constantly test and investigate new products and technology to stay ahead of the curve.

Our multichannel approach drives prospects to our properties from a variety of sources. We continually optimize our marketing budget by tracking our traffic and touchpoints by marketing source to determine its effectiveness. We are heavily invested in the latest CRM platforms and tracking technology to ensure marketing dollars are spent effectively.

Cirrus is focusing on improving all experiences throughout the consumer journey and providing excellent customer service at each touchpoint.

We are monitoring, responding, and value our reviews and online reputation. Improving our ratings on review sites is a major focus of ours.


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