Steve has over 30 years’ experience as a property manager specializing in multifamily assets on the West Coast. In 1999, he founded the property management firm Stratus Real Estate, Inc. and subsequently grew the company’s portfolio to over 24,000 units in five western states. In 2007, Steve sold Stratus Real Estate, Inc. and Stratus Arizona, LLC to British investors. Steve then formed Cirrus to focus on his own real estate holdings and to spend more time on asset acquisitions and operational excellence. Cirrus Asset Management, Inc. is seven years old, and has over 9,000 multifamily units and over 1MM sf of commercial space under management in nine states. Cirrus manages real estate for institutional owners, private owners, and syndicated partnerships. As a property management company Cirrus has been approved for management by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, insurance companies and CMBS lenders. With over 350 employees nationwide Steve constantly speaks to the corporate values that allow the employees and therefore the company to grow.

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