Our team of industry veterans has over 150 years years combined experience in all aspects of property management.

As experts in property and asset management, we understand that ours is a detail-oriented and time-consuming business. Success requires not only the efficient delivery of many coordinated services but also the ability to foresee and capitalize on changes in the marketplace.

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Our Company

As experts in property and asset management, we understand that ours is a detail-oriented and time-consuming business. Success requires not only the efficient delivery of many coordinated services but also the ability to foresee and capitalize on changes in the marketplace. Yet such functional success alone is not enough at Cirrus. What makes us the best in our industry is our daily commitment to the less tangible elements of trust, respect and teamwork.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the life experience of clients and customers through superior property performance achieved by dedicated and passionate associates.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted, respected and innovative company in the rental housing industry.

Developing Loyal Customers is Our Way of Life.

Respect. Integrity. Empowerment. Customer Service. Innovation. Teamwork.

Meet the Cirrus Team

Steve Heimler

Steve has over 30 years’ experience as a property manager specializing in multifamily assets on the West Coast. In 1999, he founded the property management firm Stratus Real Estate, Inc. and subsequently grew the company’s portfolio to over 24,000 units in five western states. In 2007, Steve sold Stratus Real Estate, Inc. and Stratus Arizona, LLC to British investors. Steve then formed Cirrus to focus on his own real estate holdings and to spend more time on asset acquisitions and operational excellence. Cirrus manages real estate for institutional owners, private owners, and syndicated partnerships. As a property management company Cirrus has been approved for management by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, insurance companies and CMBS lenders. With over 400 employees nationwide Steve constantly speaks to the corporate values that allow the employees and therefore the company to grow.

Daniel Gavin
General Counsel, Senior Vice President, Broker

Dan’s work experience with the real estate industry spans more than 30 years. He has worked in multifamily (conventional and affordable) and commercial real estate, including experience in construction defect litigation. He is the designated real estate broker in every state where Cirrus does business. Dan has a JD/MBA Degree from Pepperdine University and is an active member of the California Bar Association.

Deek Kapadia
COO Commercial Division

Deek joins Cirrus as COO and oversees the asset management, strategy, and business development for the entire Commercial Division. Prior to joining Cirrus, Deek worked at a publicly traded tech. REIT, a Private Equity group based in San Francisco, and most recently a premier commercial mixed-use developer, as the Vice President of Finance & Technology. He holds a M.B.A with a concentration in Corporate Finance from Claremont Graduate University and a B.S. also in Corporate Finance from the University of California, Riverside.

Carrie Roth

Carrie came to Cirrus from Stratus Real Estate where she was responsible for the implementation of best practices and overhauled the accounting, payroll and human resources departments. Carrie has extensive experience with the implementation of Yardi management software and several of its ancillary programs. She currently oversees Cirrus’ accounting, HR, Payroll and IT departments. She also works with the GSEs and the various bridge lenders for our portfolio. She has more than 20 years’ in the industry.

Our History

Today, this same veteran team at Cirrus offers new clients extensive experience in property acquisitions, property operations, construction management, accounting, financial engineering, and dispositions from their many years working with well-known firms in the multi-family sector. Our firm has unrivaled depth in consulting and strategic asset plan development for affordable property owners and in repositioning older assets. In the years at Stratus Real Estate and now Cirrus, our executive team has assisted in the transfer of nearly $5 billion in assets. Presently, with all non-compete restrictions expired, Cirrus is again growing with third-party customers finding their way to the company through word of mouth alone.


Cirrus Reaches 12,500 Units Under Management and 400+ Employees and Still Growing


Cirrus Reaches 10,000 Units Under Management and 300+ Employees


Cirrus Opens Commercial Division and Opens Dallas. TX Office for Future Expansion in TX


Cirrus Hits 7,800 Units Under Management


Cirrus Reaches 200 employees


Non-Compete Restrictions Removed


Cirrus Reaches 100 Employees


Cirrus Triples In Size

Cirrus triples in size to 3600+ units and begins management in Hawaii.


Cirrus Asset Management Inc

In 2007, Steve founded Cirrus to manage his own assets. 1250 units


Stratus Sold to Riverstone Residential Group (Now Greystar)

In 2007, British investors approached Steve to sell Stratus to what is now known as Greystar. As one of its first partners, Steve helped assemble three other regional firms to build what today is one of the largest apartment management firms in America.


Founded Stratus Real Estate

Steve Heimler founded Stratus Management, which through numerous mergers and acquisitions developed into Stratus Real Estate, Inc., a property management firm with nearly 1,000 associates managing over 24,000 apartments in 215 communities throughout California, Arizona and Hawaii.

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